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Yuliana Hernandez

  • Yuliana Hernandez, Pronto Income Tax
  • (626) 358 - 5213

It all started when we would, a couple times per week, grab tacos at Baja Ranch Market next to our Monrovia office.  We began to notice that we were getting GREAT service when we would go that market's deli.  We were greeted warmly, the food came out hot and fast, and we always went away with a smile.

Over time, we realized that there was one young woman in particular who was really going above and beyond to make sure every Baja Ranch deli customer was taken care of.  You could just tell that this young woman cared deeply about always doing her best for every single customer.  We wondered to ourselves, "We wonder if we could get her as our teammate at Pronto because we need that energy in our office."

And then BAM, at the beginning of 2013 we totally stole Yuliana from our next door neighbor, thanks Baja Ranch!  Yuliana quickly became a licensed notary public, professional tax preparer, and all-around great team member based out of the Monrovia location.

Unfortunately, Yuliana has now been stolen from us, by another tax company out of state.

What can we say, people recognize talent, and we wish Yuliana nothing but the best in her new job.

We will leave Yuliana's bio on this page because she still helps us in certain capacities--social media--and we still consider her a part of our Pronto Family.

Now just gotta work on a plan to steal her back...



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