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Van Nuys Office

Welcome!  We are pleased to announce that we have transferred our previous Van Nuys location under new ownership of American Tax Empire.  The address of the new office is:

5250 Lankershim Blvd.
Suite 500
North Hollywood, CA 91601

We do not entrust our clients to just anyone.

We have had an ongoing relationship with the good people at American Tax Empire for over five years now through our Pronto Tax School division and we have watched this company continue to expand while maintaining an extremely high service level. 

American Tax Empire Pronto TaxThis is a family run company that has grown from zero to numerous thousands of clients, and zero to numerous office locations, by hard work and doing the right thing for clients.

We are confident that the team at American Tax Empire will continue the Pronto Tradition of Service while also adding a tremendous new energy to this office location.

We will provide ongoing training and support to the team at American Tax Empire through our Pronto Tax School and we are excited to know that our clients will be well taken care of at this new North Hollywood location.  In fact, funny story, Melody of American Tax Empire was one of our very first Pronto Tax School students way back in the day.  And look at her now!

For any questions or to set up an appointment, please call (818) 988 - 3288, you WILL be taken care of.

If you find that another Pronto location is a better fit for you, that's OK too, here is a link to our 4 other LA area office locations.
Melody Lockhart
Melody LockhartSenior Tax Consultant
Imelda Ledesma
Imelda LedesmaSenior Tax Consultant
Ashley Flores
Ashley FloresSenior Tax Consultant (EA)
Andy Frye (EA)
Andy Frye (EA)Training & Support Specialist
Danny Lockhart
Danny LockhartMarketing Director