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Tim Frye

Tim Frye


(Monrovia Office)

Tim Frye--Timothy Freiburghouse if you prefer the full name--had a great first three years as a tax preparer preparing more than 1,500 tax returns mainly out of the Monrovia office. The average number of tax returns prepared during the first three years for a Pronto preparer is around 500, so you can see that Tim far out-performed the average.

Maybe the reason why Tim has learned tax preparation so quickly is because taxes are in his blood with Kent as his father and Andy as his brother.

Over the summer of 2011, Tim was instrumental in developing Pronto Tax Class, our new course to help people become professional tax preparers. Putting in more than 400 hours of research and writing on the topic of income tax law, Tim showed that he has what it takes to learn this difficult business.We'll tell you what, it's not as easy as it looks sometimes, but when you work as hard as Tim has to learn this trade, hard work pays off.

Tim is excited to be continuing to implement his expanive level of tax knowledge into his day to day interaction with his clientele, and using that for their benefit.Tim has a generous spirit of caring towards other people and this really comes out when he is working with Pronto clients.

Tim is looking to 2014 to take over for his brother Andy as he secedes into the sunlight, and will be taking over the tax preparation duties for many of Andy's former clients for the new year.  

With Andy working frequently in the new West L.A. office, Tim has become a major part of our Monrovia location during tax season and is looking forward to continuing the Frye family tradition of giving professional, affordable income tax preparation while building lasting relationships with clients.