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Joe Earnest

  • (310) 549 - 5692

Joe Earnest frequently prepares the most tax returns of any preparer in our company is known by Carson locals an "O.G." when it comes to doing taxes. 

Legend has it that Joe once did 62 tax returns in one day. And you thought you were a hard worker! This guy is a BEAST.  He eats Schedule Ds sprinkled with multi-state K-1s for breakfast.

Despite his hectic pace, Joe somehow manages to commit the fewest errors of any tax preparer at Pronto.  Maybe Joe's unique ability to be so utterly Pronto is related to the fact that he has 29 years experience preparing tax returns for both individuals and small businesses, as well as being a business owner himself for many years.

Together as a team with Kent Frye and Sonia Lugo and Jim Gustavson, our Carson office is no joke.

Joe is down-to-earth and no-nonsense with a great sense of humor.

To have Joe do your taxes, just go to our Carson office.  He is there pretty much all the time during tax season and he is always ready to do taxes but he does not mess around with appointments and so forth, everything is first come first serve. 

Sometimes you might see Joe pull a sandwich out of his desk drawer because he does not like to go outside of the office during tax season, he would rather eat at his desk so that he doesn't miss any clients who are looking for him.

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