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Andy Frye, E.A.

Category:West L.A.

Andy Frye--Andrew Freiburghouse if you prefer the full name--has worked for Pronto Income Tax since he was about 5 years old when he began stuffing envelopes for his father Kent Frye, the majority owner of Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc.  Andy's grandfather Wayne was the founder of Pronto Income Tax.

In 2001, Andy joined the staff of Pronto as a tax preparer in the Monrovia office. With taxes in his blood and a gifted mentor in Casimiro Peña, Andy quickly became a top-producing tax preparer and continued to work in the Monrovia office for the next 10 years honing his craft.  Known for his passion for serving clients and his halfway decent Gringo Spanish, Andy has been a driving force within our company to make sure that we always keep pushing ourselves to improve.

In January of 2011, Andy set out on a new adventure leading the brand new West Los Angeles office of Pronto Income Tax, our first new location in more than 20 years. Andy then followed this up by starting another new office in Van Nuys which opened in January of 2013.

Meanwhile, Andy and a few key teammates at Pronto created our Pronto Tax School education division with the goal of providing tax education to the masses and creating new jobs and business opportunities nationwide.

Always hungry for a new challenge, Andy does very little tax preparation work these days and has set his sights on completing the build-out of our tax education division which he views as the key to empowering the next generation of Pronto Tax Professionals. 

Andy also helps with the more advanced tax consulting, tax planning, and tax problem resolution services.

Andy is licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS as an Enrolled Agent.

Andy has personally prepared more than 10,000 tax returns and trained thousands of other tax professionals nationwide.

Andy is a cum laude graduate of Santa Clara University.

Andy is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program.

In addition to his work here at Pronto, Andy has published hundreds of articles about financial and business topics. To view some of Andy's writing and journalism work, you can plug "Andrew Freiburghouse" into Google and see a few samples.

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