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Kent Frye, E.A.

  • (310) 549 - 5692

Kent Frye--Kent Freiburghouse if you prefer the full name--is the President of Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc.

Kent Frye has 50 years experience preparing income tax returns and is licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS as an Enrolled Agent (E.A.).

Kent is well-known in the community for his humble spirit, dedication to quality work, and affordable prices. Over the course of his career, Kent has prepared approximately 42,000 tax returns. Kent does both individual and corporate tax returns.

Read this review on of Kent's service to get an idea of what our clients think of Kent. You won't find too many values like Kent's tax preparation service, we can promise you that! The guy is a complete professional from A to Z.

In recent years, Kent has become an author of tax education materials, sharing his knowledge with other tax pros at our website for certified continuing education credits.

Kent works mainly out of our Carson office. Kent works almost every day of tax season and year-round so just call the Carson office if you want to reach him.

Kent's passion for client service sets the example for our entire team and he is frequently voted "Best Boss Ever" by our Pronto Tax Team.

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