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Colleen Rice Nelson

Once upon a time, Pronto Tax was living in The Stone Age.  Our website was one page.  Our technology game was rudimentary.

Colleen Rice Nelson came along in 2008 and began the process of bringing Pronto into the 21st Century.

With her amazing dedication and conscientious nature, Colleen is one of those people that we always count on, and everyone on the Pronto Team is full of the way she just plan gets stuff done!

Colleen has been instrumental in the build-out of our Pronto Tax School training platforms which now educate and credential thousands of tax professionals nationwide.

Whether it's making websites, creating training videos, providing social media consulting, business consulting, this lady truly does have a wide variety of knowledge and talents.

Colleen's work ethic and creativity about finding solutions makes her an incredibly valuable member of our team. Visit her website.



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