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Wow, 2020 continues to be a challenge.

And we have faced it together, haven’t we, ~Contact.FirstName~?

Through it all, we’ve held together — and we hope we’ve been a small part of you and your family holding it together too.

Today is an extremely busy day for us here at Pronto Income Tax Team — we’re still working on behalf of our clients to finalize these 2019 tax return before tomorrow’s July 15th deadline.

But we’re taking the time to write to you, because we had to say this.

THANK YOU for your trust.

It is no small matter to place your financial life in front of another, and that’s especially true during a season of so much disruption and pain. That’s why we work so hard to be people that you can trust for more than a mere “filling out some forms” service.

It’s why we make it a point to send you these notes (even when we are slammed with work) — and it’s why we work so hard to stay up-to-date on all of the latest tax code updates and regulatory changes that come like clockwork, every year.

But dare we say this? We believe that the future is bright. We WILL get through this COVID and cultural disruption, and we will do it together.

We take your trust seriously, ~Contact.FirstName~. THANK YOU for it, and for your business.

I also want to add this: throughout this donkey of a year, we ALSO got to see remarkable lives of generosity, love and integrity laid out before us with regularity. 

This much is clear: No matter the state of your financial life, nobody (not the IRS, not the governor, not the CDC, not anyone) can take from you the strength derived from a life lived with gratitude and joy.

You’ve reminded us of that once again, this year. What a privilege it has been to serve you this extended tax “season” … and we look forward to years of service to come.

With a grateful heart, thank you!

And now, back to work!  🙂

Pronto Income Tax Team