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Pronto Income Tax provides tax services from tax preparation to IRS audit help. How can we help with your taxes?

Looking for a notary public in the Los Angeles area? We maintain three notary publics on staff year-round to serve you. We offer notary public service out of our office locations in Monrovia, Carson, and West Los Angeles. When it is not tax season, please call ahead to schedule an appointment for a notary public; due to the very low fees that we charge for notary public work, we do not have a notary public at every office every day during the year.

But rest assured, if you need a notary public in the Los Angeles area, Pronto can help!

Did you know that a notary public is actually a licensed public official in the State of California? That's right, notary publics are licensed by the California Secretary of State as "trusted members of the community" that are there to serve the community. Notary publics have to take a written test, undergo a backround check, and purchase and maintain a surety bond.

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By far the majority of our business comes from preparing income tax returns. However, over recent years we have expanded our ability to offer business services such as bookkeeping and payroll.

The main thing we try to focus on when we are providing bookkeeping and payroll is to make a positive impact on the small business owner's bottom line. We are not interested in just "counting beans" and charging small businesspeople for services that have minimal value; we want to make sure that our bookkeeping and payroll services have positive "return on investment" and actually save our business clients money.

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There are few things more unpleasant than a tax problem and that's why we always focus, no matter what the audit is, on "getting this over with" in the fastest and most advantageous way possible. We maintain numerous experienced Enrolled Agents on staff year-round, allowing us to represent taxpayers before the IRS regardless of whether or not that taxpayer is a Pronto client or not, in fact we are often known as "the fixers" because we clean up messes made by self-filers or other tax preparers.

The first, best strategy is to not have tax problems in the first place and that's why we always focus on doing taxes correctly the first time, but if you are someone out there who has a tax problem that you don't know how to solve we could be your solution.

We have the experience, the licenses, and the expertise to solve a wide variety of tax problems with the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, L.A. City, California State Board of Equalization, California Secretary of State, or any other taxing authority that is coming after you or your business.

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As tax laws continue to change and become ever more complex, tax planning has become more important than ever. There are many deductions and credits that cannot be used unless proper planning is implemented ahead of time. This is especially true for small business owners and this is the group that we really want to reach with our tax planning services. All big corporations have tax advisors that help them use deductions and credits effectively.

Small business owners deserve good advice, too!

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Tax preparation is our bread-and-butter business and it has been that way for 50+ years. Doing taxes is what we do.

We have prepared hundreds of thousands of tax returns since our business was founded in 1965 serving people from all walks of life and all income levels.

Our goal is to provide the best tax preparation service at the most accessible price and live out our values: Respect, Accuracy, Family.

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