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By far the majority of our business comes from preparing income tax returns. However, over recent years we have expanded our ability to offer business services such as bookkeeping and payroll.

The main thing we try to focus on when we are providing bookkeeping and payroll is to make a positive impact on the small business owner's bottom line. We are not interested in just "counting beans" and charging small businesspeople for services that have minimal value; we want to make sure that our bookkeeping and payroll services have positive "return on investment" and actually save our business clients money.

Let's take bookkeeping as an example. What is the point of bookkeeping? Why should a small business owner pay us $99 - $499 per month to keep track of income and expenses?

Well, there are various reasons why bookkeeping is important, such as:

  • Doing the taxes at the end of the year is a lot easier when the books are in order
  • With good books, the business owner need not fear an IRS audit because the receipts are all saved and organized
  • Business owners should spend their time focusing on meeting customer needs and working on their actual businesses, rather than organizing pieces of paper

But by far the most important reason to pay for bookkeeping service is because when it's done right, bookkeeping allows the business owner to make INFORMED DECISIONS about the business.

  • Where can you cut costs?
  • Are you being charged for things that you did not purchase and/or are not using, such as unused and outdated subscriptions?
  • Where can you spend more, to create more income?
  • Which of your products and services are selling best?
  • Where are the opportunities for you to increase your profit through pricing adjustments such as product or service 'add ons'?

When you can look at an accurate, detailed Profit & Loss Statement at the end of every month, when all your books and records are organized and up-to-date, you can make the informed decisions that can help you create more profit for your business. We have several different bookkeeping plans available:

  • Basic Bookkeeping is $99 per month. "Basic" means that it takes us two hours or less per month to meet your bookkeeping needs.
  • Complete Bookkeeping is $299 per month. "Complete" means that it takes us four hours or less to meet your bookkeeping needs.
  • Deluxe Bookkeeping is $499 per month. "Deluxe" means that it takes us eight hours or less to meet your bookkeeping needs.

Sometimes, instead of us actually doing the business owner's bookkeeping, we charge a "set-up fee" and we teach the business owner how to do his or her own bookkeeping. This sometimes turns out to be a more beneficial arrangement for small business owners, especially when you are in the "bootstrapping" phase of your business and do not have a budget to pay a bookkeeper, and it is more than fine with us to help you do your own books--listen, we are here to serve YOU, and we are open to achieving that goal in a way that works for YOU. Bookkeeping consultations are provided at a rate of $65 per hour.

The fees for payroll services are dependent upon how many employees you have, how often you pay your employees, and a variety of other factors. We specialize on doing payroll for sole proprietorships and small, owner-operated S-corporations because these are the two company types where we can usually save our clients the most money on payroll expenses.

Contact us in our West Los Angeles office for a personalized quote on bookkeeping and payroll services; ask for Cynthia who supervises our bookkeeping and payroll services.

As always, we will work hard to give you the best service and price combination possible based on your individual needs.