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There are few things more unpleasant than a tax problem and that's why we always focus, no matter what the audit is, on "getting this over with" in the fastest and most advantageous way possible. We maintain numerous experienced Enrolled Agents on staff year-round, allowing us to represent taxpayers before the IRS regardless of whether or not that taxpayer is a Pronto client or not, in fact we are often known as "the fixers" because we clean up messes made by self-filers or other tax preparers.

The first, best strategy is to not have tax problems in the first place and that's why we always focus on doing taxes correctly the first time, but if you are someone out there who has a tax problem that you don't know how to solve we could be your solution.

We have the experience, the licenses, and the expertise to solve a wide variety of tax problems with the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, L.A. City, California State Board of Equalization, California Secretary of State, or any other taxing authority that is coming after you or your business.

Over the years, we have represented HUNDREDS of clients in IRS audits and we have saved these clients THOUSANDS of dollars.

Here are a few quick examples of the IRS help we've provided and the results we have achieved:

  • Client never reported 1099 income of $17,000 from a few years back. IRS adjusted the tax return and billed the taxpayer for $5,500. This client was making $10 per hour and had no way to pay this amount. Pronto amended the past year's tax return, spent more than 10 hours dealing with IRS representatives, and after a full 9 months, got the debt reduced from $5,500 to $894.
  • Client's past tax preparer made an error resulting in an IRS debt of $77,000. Pronto took Power of Attorney to handle the case, spent 22 hours dealing with IRS auditor assigned to the case, and got the debt reduced from $77,000 to $709.
  • Client was denied an Earned Income Credit of $2,500 due to insufficient records proving that her niece was living in her household during the year. Pronto helps put together a package of doctor's bills and school letters that, after 6 months of negotiation with the IRS Reconsideration Department, eventually results in the client finally receiving that much-needed $2,500.

As you might guess by these case descriptions, dealing with IRS audits is all about expertise & persistence.

You wait on hold for hours, you talk to 10 different IRS reps until you find one that is willing to help, you fight as hard as you can for your client while still respecting and following the law. Or at least that's what we do, here at Pronto. There is nothing more satisfying to us than to see a client resolve an IRS audit situation and lose the stress and move on with life. Moments like those when we have good news for our client are the reasons why we do this job!

IRS Audit Defense Services are available on an "as available" basis due to the high degree of expertise and large amount of time often involved in these type of situations--we do NOT take cases unless we feel that we can get an acceptable and "net positive" result for the client, many other tax resolution companies just take a big deposit from you regardless of whether or not they can actually help you or not, but that is not our style--we will need to first evaluate the likelihood of success and the plan of action before we will accept any fees on this type of work.

If you need IRS audit help or California state audit help, especially if you are located in the Los Angeles area, contact us and we'll give you a free, face-to-face or over-the-phone, no obligation consultation. If we can't help you, we'll tell you that and you'll pay us nothing. If we can help you, we'll give you extraordinary service at an accessible price, and represent your best interests in everything that we do.