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Tax preparation is our bread-and-butter business and it has been that way for 50+ years. Doing taxes is what we do.

We have prepared hundreds of thousands of tax returns since our business was founded in 1965 serving people from all walks of life and all income levels.

Our goal is to provide the best tax preparation service at the most accessible price and live out our values: Respect, Accuracy, Family.


We focus on three main ideas in all of our tax preparation duties, whether it is a simple tax situation or a complex one:

1. Extraordinary service

2. Accessible price

3. Year-round client support

Let's briefly delve into each of these topics to see how we try to provide value to you, the client.

1. Extraordinary Service

Every year when we teach our weekend seminar for new and returning tax preparers, we spend the first two hours talking about service. We don't start talking about any tax law, any office procedures, or anything else until we drive home the point that SERVICE is the #1 priority.

But what does extraordinary service really mean, in practice? What exactly do we do for our clients to create a positive experience for every client?

Extraordinary service means that we do stuff like this on a daily basis:

  • Actively welcome clients into the office
  • Work as a team to make sure your tax return gets done right
  • Answer questions and give advice as necessary
  • "Go the extra mile" for the client, "good enough" is not good enough
  • EARN our fee every time by saving our clients money through our hard-earned expertise

These are the kinds of activities and attitudes that you can and SHOULD expect when you walk into one of our Los Angeles area tax preparation offices.

2. Accessible Price

We are determined to give our clients the best value in the entire field of tax preparation.

You find most people saying "you get what you pay for."  But our goal at Pronto is always to give you "more than you pay for."  We do not rest until we are 100% confident that every dollar you spend on our services is worth it for the expertise, convenience, and quality craftsmanship that you receive when we go to work for you.

Why pay $250 when you can pay $165 and get better service?

Why pay $600 when you can pay $250 and get better service?

Those are the kinds of questions that we strive to make people ask.

Unlike so many financial services companies that seek to overcharge and even exploit working Americans, we have always been and remain committed to giving every client an accessible and fair price. Here is the page that describes our pricing philosophy and policies.

3. Year-Round Client Support

Probably the thing that we take the most pride in, over our 50+ year history, is that we stand behind our work year-rond.  Ask around Los Angeles, you will not find anyone saying they went to Pronto, had a problem, and we didn't back them up.  No, we're not perfect and we process thousands of tax returns per year, so we have had occasional errors just like any other tax place--but we have always stood with our clients to get any error addressed and the best possible outcome achieved.

The owner of our company Kent Frye personally works year-round in our Carson office and sets the example for our year-round support and back-up.

We pick up many clients each year who went to some other tax place and now cannot find their tax person now that the client is receiving IRS letters or facing an IRS audit.

We do help these non-Pronto clients but we are forced to heavily for our time.

Pronto clients, meanwhile, enjoy either FREE or discounted year-round service simply because they are our clients.  Most years, you may not need year-round tax support, but believe us, the one year that you do need it, you'll be happy to have it.

And we'll be right here, giving it to you.