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Become a Tax Preparer:
Learn a Skill that Pays Bills!

Looking for a job that pays well, allows flexible hours, you can work part-time or full-time, there is plenty of work to be done, your pay rate can increase rapidly as your  experience increases, you don't need a college degree or years of training, and you can start this new career for around $300?

Have you ever thought about becoming a paid, professional tax preparer?

Visit our website to see what we've been doing to help thousands of people start from ZERO and become tax professionals within 60 hours, completely online, completely at your own pace and at a price that's accessible to anyone.

If this new career and way to make extra money is not a fit for you personally, consider referring a friend or family member. We want to help people have more opportunity and this is our effort to bring that dream to reality.  Let's fight unemployment and learn more to earn more.

BIG thanks to The Pronto Client Family for all the support, you are the reason we do what we do!

Pronto Tax Class

Visit and see for yourself or refer a friend or family member. Opportunity is knocking!