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Looking for a notary public in the Los Angeles area? We maintain three notary publics on staff year-round to serve you. We offer notary public service out of our office locations in Monrovia, Carson, and West Los Angeles. When it is not tax season, please call ahead to schedule an appointment for a notary public; due to the very low fees that we charge for notary public work, we do not have a notary public at every office every day during the year.

But rest assured, if you need a notary public in the Los Angeles area, Pronto can help!

Did you know that a notary public is actually a licensed public official in the State of California? That's right, notary publics are licensed by the California Secretary of State as "trusted members of the community" that are there to serve the community. Notary publics have to take a written test, undergo a backround check, and purchase and maintain a surety bond.

What is the purpose of a notary public, anyways?

The basic function of a notary public is to prevent fraud with regard to signed documents. Notary publics have a duty to verify the identity of the signer of the document, make sure that the singer is willing and competent to sign the document, and then maintain a record of the signing if there is ever any problem down the line, for example a dispute in the courts.

Documents that commonly require notarization include:

  • Travel Affidavits (permission for child to travel with non-parent, for instance)
  • Mortgage documents
  • Requests for birth certificate from L.A. County Recorder
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Grant deeds

Whenever you are going to see a notary public, keep in mind that the duty of the notary public is to verify the identity of any person(s) signing a document. Therefore, any signers of the documents must always present valid, current photo identification.

Because notary publics are servants of the community, fees for notarial acts are very low. For already-prepared documents, we charge only $10 per notarized signature. In other words, notary public service is much more about service than it is about making money. When you come in for a notary public, we hope to impress you enough with our service to convince you to use us for our main business, tax preparation.

If you need a notary public in Monrovia, Carson, or West L.A., contact Pronto today and we will get the job done for you quickly, accurately, and ethically. Here is the page with our office locations, if it is not tax season, again, please call ahead to make sure we have a notary public there that day to serve you.

Also note that we do offer some mobile notary services where we come to your home or place of business. Extra fees apply for Los Angeles mobile notary service due to the increased cost of gas and the work time we sometimes lose when we get stuck in that notorious L.A. traffic.

Extra fees for L.A. mobile notary service vary from $40 to $150, depending on the situation. This is where the old axiom "time is money" comes into play! If you want to keep your notary public costs low, please visit us at one of our existing office locations and we will be happy to serve you.