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New Year...New Location...New Opportunities!

Pronto Income Tax New Branch Office in Van Nuys California

Pronto Income Tax Opens New Office in the City of Van Nuys

This new year we are really excited about the launch of a brand new Pronto Income Tax office in Van Nuys. We want to introduce now and welcome the new Pronto Tax Team who will be working out of our new location, we are happy to say that we have created five new jobs in this new location which in this economy is not easy to do. We are so thankful to have a great staff ready to provide you with friendly, professional, affordable tax preparation services.

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By Tim Frye

One of the biggest ways to get ahead in life and establish a certain level of sustenance is to own property. When you own property including rental property, you are putting your monthly mortgage payments into an asset that is under your name, and that will hopefully provide you some liquid equity for years to come.

Owning income-producing property such as duplexes or apartment building is a way to provide you and your family with consistent and concrete monthly income. It is also allows you favorable tax advantages that an individual taxpayer who does not own rental property may not have access to. Here are a few of the best deductions available to landlords.

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The IRS phone system can be difficult to navigate and is some people's version of torture.  We call the IRS a lot (mostly for non-Pronto clients who have tax problems) and we have by this time more or less figured out the fastest way to talk to a real person at the IRS.  These are the steps we recommend you take to get through the Internal Revenue Service phone chain:

1. Call 1-800-829-1040 and, when prompted, Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish

2. At next prompt, Press 2

3. Machine asks you to establish a PIN, ignore / don't do it

4. Press 1 for "Tax History"

5. Press 4 for "Other Questions"

6. Press 2 for "Other Questions"

7. If you are calling about a business / rental income matter, Press 1 at the next prompt -- in particular, if you are self-employed you may be required to go through this option because the IRS reps are specially trained to deal with potentially more complex issues.  If you are calling about a personal tax matter that is relatively simple, Press 2.

You will then be prompted to enter your Social Security number (or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number); do that now and then confirm that it's correct.

The IRS machine voice should then inform you of your approximate wait time to speak to an actual human being.

And then, at last, the muzak will begin and you will be put on hold and queued up to talk to a real person--in due time.

Last but not least, note that the IRS sometimes changes its phone system prompts, but this information is accurate as of the time of its writing and has helped thousands of taxpayers nationwide get through to an actual human being on the Internal Revenue Service phone chain.

Want Somone to Call the IRS on Your Behalf?

Call Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. at (310) 577 - 7530 or (310) 549-5692. 

As Enrolled Agents (EA), we are licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS regarding all sorts of income tax questions and problems.  Our fees are very reasonable, starting at just $149, and we are well-experienced in finding a way through the IRS phone chain to talk to an actual HUMAN BEING and get an answer for your question or a solution for your problem.

This year's deadline to file your 2011 income tax return is April 17th, 2012.

Guy with Goggles

Here are a few last minute tax tips to keep in mind if you still need to prepare your 2011 tax return:

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