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Tax Articles

We write articles about tax topics so that our clients and the general public can be well-informed about how to navigate the complex income tax system.

The hope is that when people have better information, they can make better decision to protect and grow their money.

We try to write our tax articles in a simple style so that as many people as possible can understand them. Please keep in mind that because we are seeking to provide easy-to-understand information, not every rule or exception to the rule can be included in every article.

None of the articles we write should be construed as specific tax advice, rather these articles offer general information that may not be applicable to your particular situation.

As always, it is a wise idea to consult your tax professional before acting on any tax information you find on the Web!

Find out more  information about tax refunds. Pronto Income Tax can help you track your online tax refund.

Learn what makes up a tax credit and if you qualify for a tax credit. Pronto Income Tax can help you sort out which credits apply to your tax situation.

Let Pronto Income Tax keep up with all the changing tax codes and laws for you. We are highly trained and understand how changes can effect your personal or business taxes. Tax code is complicated, leave the changes and the tax codes to us!

No one likes audits, but Pronto Income Tax can help you if you have been audited. We can also help prevent most audits from happening just based on processing your taxes properly and checking for errors. That is Pronto Protection!

Find general information about tax deductions from Pronto Income Tax.

Find lists of tax deductions for various types of jobs. Construction worker, law enforcement, hairstylist and so many more types of jobs.