What To Bring For Your Tax Appointment

Getting organized to prepare for your tax appointment can save you a ton of time, and is well worth the effort.

If it’s just after tax season, this list will help you know what documents to keep an eye out for throughout the year and set aside. If your tax appointment is right around the corner, this tool is a great resource to help you track down the right documents.

That’s what we’re here for.

Let us be your easy button in Los Angeles.


The blue button below contains a tool to help you know what you will need during the tax preparation process.

Even if for some strange reason you won’t be using our cost-effective services this year, feel free to use this tool as a handy guide…

Pronto’s Tax Preparation Checklist

What our Clients are saying

Ingrid helped me filing my taxes this year. I'm a 1099 and there are always things I'm never sure about writing off but Ingrid made sure I knew about every single write to make sure I paid just the right amount. She really connects with her clients and wants to help them as much as possible. Super reliable!

Lizet B.

I came to Cynthia days before my extension deadline with a heaping stack of receipts and letters. She made everything so easy and fun. Cynthia knows how to get the job done and she is easy to talk to. It was a huge weight off my shoulders getting my taxes in days before the deadline. Thanks, Cynthia and thanks, Pronto Tax!

Morgan R.